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Erschienen am 27.3.2015 bei Phonotron und Hoanzl

Homepage von Marta:


SON OF A GUN those who drink to forget / are asked to pay their share before / used to be a safe bet at the dance-off / before I retired from the disco floor / I didn’t mind getting old when I was young / I was just as blind, deaf and dumb / when I was twenty-one / I was a fucking son of a gun / by the end I learned / that I was right from the start / but you’ll always remember / everything you’ve learned by heavy heart

RESTRAINING ORDER I want you to / fold me up and hide me / in the pocket of your blue jeans / I want you to / sit straight and reproduce me / as I talk sweet talk, seduce me / I want you to / steal my kidneys when I’m sleeping / and shake me to the bones / I want you to worry terribly ‘bout me / don’t move a single foot away from me / I want you to / hug me at the bus stop / have my photo on your desktop / I want you to / take me to the last stop / till the driver asks us out

KNAVE OF HEARTS in a meadow just mown twice / you’ll find lions next to mice / in a meadow just mown twice / caterpillar’s bad advice / coming home to lose / fell in love with the knave of hearts / you know he’s stealing royal tarts / grinning like a Cheshire cat / our worlds lie poles apart

IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO / and just one lone soul to waltz / I dance the broken limbo / and choke on your mother’s butterscotch / the day you kiss me on the lips / I’ll call the New York Times and tell them all about it / the day we’re joined at the hips / …

CAT ON FIRE I threw your shoes out the door and down the staircase / I took your car keys and fed them to the fish / I stole your laundry and hid it in the garden / it’s just us tonight, I thought / so I set your cat on fire / I phoned your doctor and cancelled all appointments / we made love in front of Klingons / I shot your telly with a ray gun / then my temper got the best of me / so I set your cat on fire

BOSNIAN PYRAMIDS all my stories start with a red wheel barrow / school boys in Visoko dig for their Bosnian pharaoh / way older than in Egypt but almost unknown / they grow higher overnight / our pyramids back home / we’re dressed for the weather / in our Sunday rags / we’re attracted by uncanny glare / let me, oh let me take you where / ships fly low / make sure you bring your flash light / and a spare battery / I’ll meet you at midnight / in the cornfields by the factory / have your cell charged / maybe they wanna phone home / until the sun’s up / we’ll be on our own


released March 27, 2015 // all songs written by MARTA // recorded at Zollfreizone // mixed and produced by Christofer Frank // mastered by Werner Weitschacher // MARTA is made up of brothers (Günther Paulitsch – drums, percussion, backing vocals – and Stephan Paulitsch – bass, wurlitzer, backing vocals) and lovers (Julia Hager – lyrics – and Paul Plut – vocals, guitar) // additional guitars by Paul Plut, Christofer Frank, Stephan Paulitsch, Andreas Klinger and Alexander Hackl // artwork by Lukas Schneeberger // Phonotron 2015

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